About Us


Ewura Jayne was birthed out of necessity. I wanted to create a headwrap that was easy to wear, stylish, eye-catching and, most importantly, would protect my hair. My name is Julieanna and I’m a mum of three (a son and two daughters). Being a busy mum, it can be a challenge maintaining my own natural hair plus that of my two daughters. Needless to say, headwraps have been a go-to for me and the girls; when I’m short on time to style, in between styles or in preparation for a new style. My eldest daughter is part of my inspiration. Over the years she has become accustomed to wearing headscarves to bed and around the house to protect her hair and to keep it neat, but she never, felt comfortable or confident to wear them outside of the house. That’s when I decided to create headwraps for kids and adults that are ready-to-wear, comfortable that would protect their hair at the same time as looking fabulous.

So just like that! Ewura Jayne was born.“Ewura” means “Lady” in the Ghanaian dialect, Fanti; and Jayne is a collaboration of my two daughters’ names.

I’ve spent much time in research and have chosen to make headwraps with 100% cotton ankara wax print as it’s made from natural fibres. Cotton is well known as a soft and breathable fabric, but I knew that it needed to be lined because cotton absorbs moisture, so isn’t ideal for your hair. I chose to use 100% silk, because it’s also made with natural fibres and has amazing qualities I wanted to incorporate into all of my products.  For more on the qualities of silk and cotton check out our page on raw materials.

At Ewura Jayne, our mission is to produce high quality pieces from the finest natural materials. We want everyone who wears our pieces to feel comfortable, beautiful and confident. We use ankara fabrics because of their association with the rich culture of Africa, bright colours and patterns that are sure to make a statement wherever you go.  As a brand we use natural sustainable fabrics that are biodegradable. We strive to keep waste to a minimum so all of our collections are limited editions.  Ewura Jayne has made a conscious decision to make all packaging either biodegradable, reusable or recyclable.

What we hope for the future

We plan to grow Ewura Jayne to be an established brand that is known around the world, not only for headwrap, but also for many other lines to come. We plan to work with charities in Ghana and the UK to create jobs, grant scholarships and provide apprenticeships for young people.