The Ewura collection is an expression of Summer fun, confidence, elegance and individuality. The seven cotton waxed prints in the Ewura collection express our favourite elements of summer. 

The Ewura Jayne print is fun and bright yet elegant

The Ewurasi print is like a bright yellow golden sun 

The Ewurakua print is like a vibrant blue ocean 

The Ewurabena print is like a burnt orange summer sunset 

The Ewuradwoa print is full of natural earthy tones like a green summer tree

The Ewurafua print is colorful, warm and lively just like summer 

The Ewurama print is regal yet fun and bright 

The Ewuraba print is classy and elegant 

The Ewurasika print is  simply golden

The Ewura printed silk is pure luxury

Each 100% cotton waxed print is carefully lined with 100% luxurious silk for 'natural protection with style'